Farm Hounds

How we began

Since 2004, we’ve been a small company focused on dogs. Our business decisions have always grown from what’s best for our animal companions. Their health and happiness is tied to our own.

We started our first small business in the dog care industry, owning and operating a large dog boarding and daycare facility in Atlanta. We began offering a curated selection of foods, treats and accessories for our customers based on our own personal research of what we would want for our own pack and they loved it!

From daycare and boarding, our mission evolved into the retail space, where we currently own and operate dog-centered pet retail stores called The Whole Dog Market. Our goal has always been to provide the very best nutritional options and guidance for our fellow dog loversThe Farm Hounds journey

In 2015, a farmer from White Oak Pastures, located in Bluffton, GA, came into one of our stores to discuss developing all-natural treats and chews direct from the farm. We jumped at the chance to work with them and built a relationship based on trust, honesty, and loyalty.

We found kindred spirits at White Oak Pastures and were awed by their dedication to radically traditional farming. We were inspired and started sourcing and dehydrating products like liver, kidney, heart, and gizzards in our home kitchen, bagging and selling them in The Whole Dog Market. They were a hit with our customers and we knew there was nothing like them on the market.

From there, Farm Hounds was born. We began to pursue what we found so fulfilling about our partnership with White Oak Pastures: providing pure, transparently sourced products with ingredients and quality that are beyond reproach.

The story behind our name

While visiting White Oak Pastures, our first farm partner, we saw their happy “farm hounds” frolicking around their property. We could see that dogs who live on these farms are some of the most content and well-fed dogs we’ve ever met. They get to do what they were bred to do while having access to fresh, organic protein. We knew we had found our ideal farm partner and a name for our new business, since farm hounds are the luckiest dogs!


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